What really matters

Launching a company such as Rhymella is personal. We are asking you to trust us to do great things with your most precious moments of the people you love most. In a desire to build an authentic relationship, one founder’s story is one worth sharing. Not a life story but about one pivotal moment that has shaped Megan’s life view and the ethos at Rhymella. 

After my son Charlie was born, I was very sick. Knowing that the newborn days are difficult, I toughed out shortness of breath and extreme sluggishness. When the doctor finally saw me, my heart and liver were shutting down. I was drowning in my own body, attacked by mysterious and sometimes fatal HELLP syndrome. Had I gone to the ER a mere few hours later, the ending would have been tragically different. 

There is a melancholy grounding, and a humility that sets in after encountering the thin line between this life and whatever comes afterwards. A realization of this fragility cut right through the noise of the world to expose a deep longing for meaning.

In response early on, I felt an urgency to “do the right things” with the time that I’ve been given. Through self reflection and spiritual conversations, I’ve settled into a grounded presence characterized by gratitude. Moments labeled as mundane – driving Charlie to school, sitting on the grass in my front yard, sharing a smile with a neighbor – have taken on new meaning. This is what matters most. 

There is a physical sensation when this longing is met, a “full heart”, goosebumps or meeting of the body with the soul. I seek it in everything. And am incredibly fortunate to get it with Rhymella because we are bringing something good into the world. 

It is these full heart moments that belong in a Rhymella book. The real moments. The ones probably deemed not Instagram-worthy. Rhymella is a celebration of childhood and of imagination.

Each Rhymella book creates a legacy. Just think of the joy of reading a child a Rhymella story featuring her own grandfather as a child!

Rhymella showcases each individual in his or her authentic greatness, and thereby overrides the biased representation in children’s books. This is a place I want to be. 

To all of our customers, thank you for making Rhymella a part of your family. It is truly our privilege.


Megan, with son Charlie in Acadia National Park